About Fagervik Invest






Fagervik Invest is a new investment company founded during the financial crisis in 2008. The company ambition is to provide its owners with a high return on their investment, with as low risk as possible.


Fagervik Invest is registered in the Seychelles in Africa, and is owned solely by Daniel Fagervik, living in Norway. He is also the only employee at the moment.  


Fagervik Invest has a short term focus on its investments. Most of the trade is done at Oslo BÝrs, buying medium to large Norwegian companies. Fagervik Invest takes advantage of the very volatile stocks at Oslo BÝrs, securing some profit in nearly every move.


Daniel Fagervik is in his mid 20's, working full time as an analyst, as well as studying Law at the University of Oslo in his spare time.



























Financial security through smart investment!